Zymtech Production AS has conducted several clinical trials and studies to demonstrate the safety and efficacy of the unique salmon protein hydrolyzate AMIZATE®.

Further studies

Acute toxicity

Short-term toxicity

10-month feeding study

Developmental and reproductive toxicity

Safety of AMIZATE® in children

Marathon study

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Some examples of documentation supporting AMIZATE®

Zymtech Production AS has e.g. conducted a clinical trial on underweight/
malnourished children. It ran over 120 days (April through July 2009) and was conducted at six government schools in New Delhi (Ghaziabad). A total of 438 schoolchildren of 6-8 years of age with mild to moderate malnutrition participated. The study followed stringent international standards for clinical trials (ICH).
The significantly higher gain in weight, height, Body Mass Index (BMI), speed and muscular endurance proved that AMIZATE® was more effective than the control (e.g. no intervention). Furthermore, it was concluded that AMIZATE® is completely safe to consume. There were no serious adverse events reported during the study period.


Safety of Amizate in children

A preclinical study of competitive marathon runners who took AMIZATE® daily over a 60-day training period demonstrated reduced heart rate, improved running speed and reduced body weight while increasing running endurance, muscle strength, and overall wellbeing compared to baseline and placebo. The athletes taking AMIZATE® furthermore reported absence of muscle pain and improved sleep. There were no adverse effects reported related to AMIZATE® supplementation.