The molecular weight distribution shows how AMIZATE® is composed on a molecular scale.


Molecular weight distribution

Molecular weight distribution analysis (MALDI) shows that AMIZATE® is composed of only very small molecules of molecular weight of 560 Dalton and lower. Around 60% of AMIZATE® consists of amino acids in free form and the remaining 40% are short peptides (short amino acid chains). This is very important since only free amino acids and very short peptides can cross the membranes to the arteries in the intestinal tract.


Anserine (beta-alanyl-N-methylhistidine) a dipeptide containing β-Alanine and histidine.
Known activity:

  • Antioxidantive peptide
  • Helps reduce fatigue

Lysine-Proline (Lys-Pro; KP)
Known activity:

  • ACE inhibition activity – believed to lower blood pressure
  • Antioxidative peptide

Isoleucine / Leucine-Proline (Ile/Leu-Pro; IP/LP)
Known activity:

  • ACE inhibition activity – believed to lower blood pressure
  • Inhibits the enzyme dipeptidyl-aminopeptidase IV (DPP4 inhibitor) – believed to help people with diabetes


Peptides with biological activities, released during gastrointestinal digestion or food processing, play an important role in metabolic regulation and modulation, suggesting their potential use as nutraceuticals and functional food ingredients for health promotion and disease risk reduction. Many studies have reported that peptides from various food sources possess bioactivities, including antihypertensive, antioxidant, anticancer, antimicrobial and opioid activities as well as immunomodulatory and cholesterol-lowering effects.