The amino acids AMIZATE®contains are in free, digested form and will be quickly absorbed.

How does it work?

The human body takes all its nutrition from its diet. Proteins are a particularly important part of the diet because they supply amino acids, which are the fundamental building blocks of all human tissue. Proteins are large molecules that need to be digested by the human body before they can be absorbed. This is done by the body using enzymes which break down (hydrolyse) the protein into its constituent parts which are amino acids.

New proteins can be formed in the body only if all of the required 20 amino acids are present in the required relative amount. That is why a diet lacking in adequate essential amino acids can lead to malnutrition and bodily degeneration.

Digestion of proteins to amino acids requires a well-functioning digestive system. However, the digestive capability of humans can be limited in many ways and in many situations.

Some of the key situations that lead to limited digestive capability are:

  • Strenuous physical activity, stress, trauma, exhaustion
  • Surgery, use of antibiotics, chemotherapy and other medication
  • Illness such as HIV, Crohn’s disease, ulcerative colitis, inflammatory bowel disease
  • Reduced digestive function related to old age, malnutrition

In these cases, the body cannot provide itself with the essential amino acids, and supplements may be required. Furthermore, digestion of proteins takes time and energy, and the recovery effects will therefore not be immediate if whole protein is ingested.

AMIZATE® compensates for these digestive limitations by providing all required amino acids in free, digested form so that they are directly absorbed in the blood stream and available for protein regeneration with minimal delay. The high amount of free amino acids and short peptides is a unique feature with AMIZATE® not seen with other products.