AMIZATE® ready to use as flavored effervescent tablet.

Product specification 1,5g

Product specification 2,25g


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Effervescent tablet

AMIZATE® is supplied as a flavored effervescent tablet ready to dissolve into a glass fresh water.

AMIZATE® is offered in several flavors:

• Lime-Peppermint       • Grapefruit


Each effervescent tablet contains 1500 mg pure AMIZATE®. The latest developments render also a 2250 mg AMIZATE® containing effervescent tablet possible. (Please note the attached product specifications.).

Dissolving without leaving a residue, combined with an appropriate coloring and taste, the fizzy, AMIZATE® effervescent tablets turn after a few minutes into a popular drink.
The effervescent tablets are packaged as 19 pieces per tube.

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