Older population suffering from muscle loss (sarcopenia) leading to lower strength will benefit from supplementation with AMIZATE®.

AMIZATE® leaflet healthy ageing

Healthy ageing

Even healthy people may need amino acid supplementation.

Stress, age, infection and various other factors including the amount of exercise performed will impact the elderly. 25 % of adults over 65 and as many as 50 % of adults over 80 may suffer from sarcopenia. This leads to loss of muscle mass and function, and results in higher incidence of falls and fractures, lower mobility, lower quality of life and higher morbidity. Older people have increased needs for proteins (e.g. amino acids), but they tend to consume less than the young do. This can have serious consequences for their muscle regeneration.

Sarcopenia is to a large extent a result of poor nutrition (low in proteins), but also reduced functioning of the digestive system with the result that the body develops an amino acid deficit. This again limits the body’s ability to regenerate muscle mass.

Protein supplements are frequently prescribed, but these need to be digested to be useful to the body. AMIZATE®is unique in providing all the amino acids in readily usable form and in the right proportions for the human body. These effects combine to make AMIZATE®rapidly effective.

Elderly taking AMIZATE® as a daily dietary supplement will also feel the improved wellness from the increased availability of a full range of amino acids. In particular, mental state, increased awareness and alertness may improve. Amino acids are used in therapies to relieve depression and elevate mood. Specific amino acids found in AMIZATE® are characterized as “brain fuel”. Elderly with a sedentary lifestyle due to lack of strength and endurance can benefit from a daily boost of amino acids from AMIZATE®.