Great benefit in general wellness by supplementation with AMIZATE® for people of all ages in particular those over 50.

General wellness

A healthy lifestyle starts with nutrition. “We are what we eat” is true in the sense that all nutrients to sustain and regenerate the human body come from our diet. However, in certain situations of stress, fatigue, exhaustion and illness the digestive system may not respond at all or respond quickly enough, or there may be inadequate amount of nutrients to provide for the required needs of the body. In these situations a boost of amino acids and short peptides, which are readily absorbed to the blood stream, can compensate for the lack of proper nutrition and normal digestion.

Intake of free amino acids can also boost the immune system.

AMIZATE®can be taken as a daily supplement to aid protein regeneration not only of muscles, but also of skin, hair, eczema and wounds. It can be used as a component of a dieting formula as it provides both satiety and lean body mass.

AMIZATE®has a high degree of free amino acids, which individually have important functions. In particular, AMIZATE® will give a boost to mood and brain function, which can give a renewed feeling of wellness and alertness.

AMIZATE®contains more than 120 short peptides, and three peptides identified have known antioxidative and ACE inhibition activity to lower blood pressure and help people with diabetes.