The company has its origin in research done by Soviet scientists to develop compact nutrition for cosmonauts by extracting amino acids from fish protein. Laboratory experiments at the time proved that this was possible, but the individual process was never developed successfully.

The history

Zymtech Production AS was incorporated in 1997 with the goal to develop an industrial process to extract amino acids, short peptides and micronutrients from salmon protein. With the support of key scientists from the Soviet era, Zymtech was able to scale up the initial trials and develop a cost-effective way of achieving the unique enzymatic protein hydrolyzate that was named AMIZATE®. The original investors were primarily Norwegian high quality equity individuals who believed in the business idea and the product potential.

In 2000 a food processing plant was acquired and within few years it was converted into a biotech facility for the production of the enzymatic protein hydrolyzate. During these years, extensive process development, testing and plant upgrades followed. With the filing of three process patent applications along with more international investors; the strategic goal of the company expanded to become an international life science company.  Several years of product development took place. These activities required substantial investments.

In 2007, product patent applications were filed in for the new product (“Amino acid and peptide product”). In the following years extensive clinical trials took place.


From 2010 the plant started to regularly produce high quality product. A new quality and laboratory manager for the factory renewed the food approval status of the plant with the Norwegian Food Safety Authority. Implementation of extensive quality upgrades including HAACP quality standards in the production took place.

From 2011 – 2012 the company progressed on the product and market development side with new formulations for the sport nutrition segment, and products for health and general wellbeing.

In 2013, a further capital injection took place to strengthen the company. Key focus was on regulatory approval processes for key markets.

In 2014 regulatory approvals were obtained in United States (GRAS), EU and selected markets in Asia. Further successful clinical studies were conducted and strategic alliances established.